S.Mark Indirect Bath Heaters

S. Mark’s Indirect Water bath heaters have a long history of successful application in the oil and gas industry. They have been applied to a variety of operations, ranging from the heating of natural gas to the heating of crude. The heater consists of three basic elements - the firebox, shell, and flow coil. These elements are carefully designed for each standard size. The firebox is designed to rapidly transfer the heat released by the burning fuel to the water bath. The flow coil is designed to safely contain the process fluid and transfer the required heat from the water bath to the process streams. A variety of coils are available for each firebox size, to allow a selection for the most economical and efficient combination

S. Mark Bath heaters have a wide variety of successful applications in the oil and gas production, processing and transmission industry. Some of the most common application includes the following:
    • Gas Dew Point Heating: High-pressure natural gas heating upstream pressure regulation stations preventing condensation phenomena due to the Joule-Thomson effect.
    • Heating of high-pressure natural gas upstream pressure regulation in order to prevent external icing formation.
    • Fuel gas super-heating upstream gas turbines.
    • Gas heating downstream low temperature storages.
    • Hydrate prevention.
    • Viscosity reduction: Crude Oil Heating upstream treatments to facilitate degassing and dewatering.

S. Mark Separators IBH Basic Specs:
  • Pressure rating: 6 – 64 Kg/cm2
  • Size: Dia – 1500mm, Length – 4500mm